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Back with another edition of #ROinJapan, the group decided to use the most of our JR pass and head down south to Kyoto. Kyoto is known for their many temples and being the city where green tea originated from. As usual, we woke up early at the break of dawn to catch the first 8AM shinkansen(bullet train) to Kyoto.

jptrip 1079

First stop the Golden Temple of Kyoto!

jptrip 1080

The long ass garden you have to walk through to buy tickets to get inside the temple.

jptrip 1081

These look like those papers, wizards would throw onto the hopping zombies in Chinese movies to control them.

jptrip 1082

The golden temple.

jptrip 1084


I felt like I was in a postcard.

jptrip 1089

jptrip 1091 jptrip 1094

It was pretty cool to see the temple in person, definitely something to experience when you’re in Japan.

jptrip 1098

Throwing coins in for good luck. The people at the temple really know how to make that money.

jptrip 1102

jptrip 1103

jptrip 1104

The temple offered candles that had prayers on it such as to be better in school, success in your career or finding love.

jptrip 1105

jptrip 1107

jptrip 1109

The next stop, Fushimi Inari Taisha where there are more than 10,000 toriis(little gates).

jptrip 1110

Students cleansing their hands and mouths before entering the shrine.

jptrip 1111

jptrip 1112

The animal of this shrine is the fox who holds the keys to the gates,

jptrip 1113

jptrip 1114

jptrip 1115

Pull these bells and hope your prayers come true.

jptrip 1132

jptrip 1134


jptrip 1117

Finally at the first Torii.

jptrip 1118


My God, this was a crazy experience walking through all of these toriis.

jptrip 1121

jptrip 1124


We thought it eventually ended, but it just kept on going.


jptrip 1136

These stairs never end..

jptrip 1125

jptrip 1127

jptrip 1137

jptrip 1129

jptrip 1130

jptrip 1131

So.. when we got to the top there was just another shrine. We thought there would be a sick view or something, but nope it was just another shrine.. So if you’re not about walking an hour up some stairs to see a shrine that is identical to the other 50 shrines on the way up, then don’t waste your time walking all the way up. Oh yeah, try the green tea ice cream in Kyoto. It’s fucking good.





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