The Chronicles Year Six

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Seems like not long ago I was writing a post for Joey’s anniversary for his website, The Chronicles. Crazy how fast time passes and now we’re almost at the end of the year waiting for the next season of Formula Drift and car show season. Good thing there are events like Joey’s Year Six and SEMA to fill the void during the winter season.

year6 001

Early morning, we met up in Anaheim hills the birth place of the red unicorn.

year6 003

The Red Unicorn.

year6 005

Erik’s EP3 on black chrome TE37s.

year6 011

The Chronicles is well known for covering mostly Honda content, so the VIP parking area was filled with sick Hondas like this EF sedan and Civic Hatch.

year6 013

year6 014

year6 016

There were still some cool non-Honda cars at the event like Amir’s 911.

year6 019

Sang from Project Zero’s J’s Racing S2000 drove all the way from San Diego for this meet.

year6 021

More crazy S2000s from Project Zero like this slammed Berlina Black S2000 that is also right hand drive!

year6 024

year6 026

Hiding among the herd of Project Zero S2000s is Jamie’s Impreza Wagon.

year6 029

Always nice to see this Project Zero Amuse S2000.

year6 032

Low problems, they had to hold his bumper up just so he can reverse without ripping off his bumper.

year6 038

year6 042

Kyle’s crazy TSX on CR Kiwamis.

year6 044

Another Kyle in the building and this time in the famous super low S13.

year6 080

So much tuck.

year6 048

year6 050

Yogi’s internet breaker GS430.

year6 052

Yogi and the heart breaker, Mateo.

year6 055

year6 057

year6 059

Joey’s Aimgain Q45 on SSR MS3s.

year6 062

Ray giving all of the cars in our line up a good detail.

year6 060

Too bad that won’t fix Shavi’s front bumper. The ground was too high for Shavi’s front end.

year6 063

year6 065

Wide body all the cars!

year6 066

year6 067

The No Rush crew brought out a plethora of cars that had a distinct type of styling.

year6 068

They all build their cars for time attack and have Japanese nostalgic influence.

year6 072

year6 073

year6 075

year6 070

year6 177

Damn, that guy has a nice hat.

year6 081

Ray’s ultra clean Integra on Sprint Hart wheels.

year6 082

year6 083

year6 085

Ryan’s immaculate E30 on Volk TE37s.

year6 087

year6 090

year6 092

This CRX is ready for some late night canyon runs with that light beam.

year6 093

year6 094

year6 096

year6 115

Cool little setup they had going on here. Doubles of each car.

year6 098

year6 100

year6 103

year6 109

year6 111

year6 113

year6 116

year6 110

year6 282

year6 230
year6 225

 Mikey pulled out a mission and a half to get his car ready for this event. Picked up his Integra the night before the show and came back in the morning to little to no sleep.

year6 046

year6 223

year6 220

year6 217

year6 216

year6 214

year6 212

year6 211

year6 206

Thanks for reppin’ home slice!

year6 210

year6 207
year6 204

The back lot was pretty filled with supporters of The Chronicles.

year6 200year6 199year6 198year6 197

year6 195

year6 194

year6 193

year6 192

year6 191

year6 190

year6 189

year6 187

year6 183

year6 179

year6 172

Aron’s freshly painted Glacier Frost Mica M35S on Avant Garde wheels.

year6 174

year6 170

Dat cloud porn.. The weather was unusually pleasant today and made it perfect for an outdoor car event.

year6 169

year6 166

year6 167

year6 165

year6 164

year6 163

year6 162

year6 161

year6 160

year6 158

year6 157

year6 155

year6 153

year6 151

Vegas to OC.

year6 274

Probably talking about Mizu or something.

year6 275

year6 124

Jeremy came with no car, but still gets some coverage.

year6 122

You know you love your car if you have a canopy for it.

year6 121

Mugen everything.

year6 119

year6 118

year6 137

I love this tracked out RSX.

year6 138

year6 141

year6 147

Loi Spec.

year6 277

Gonna end it with this group photo of people I don’t even know. Good times were had today and we hope for more future success for The Chronicles!





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