Rise Lantern Festival 2014

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These past two months, I’ve been blessed to experience beautiful things. I was in Japan for a month with close friends, I saw my favorite artist, The Weeknd perform live and now I end this amazing month with the Rise Lantern Festival. The Rise Lantern Festival is a festival where you release sky lanterns into the sky. Doing this alone is pretty cool, but just like eating at your favorite restaurant the experience is always better when you do it with some of your friends or in this case with 10,000 people. The event was held in the middle of jean dry lake bed, so just 20 minutes away from Las Vegas.


First stop we made as soon as we arrived was at Bachi Burger. Sadly, I was too hungry to remember to bring my camera in for some food porn, but here’s a photo from when I went to Instafame.  The grass fed Miyagi burger is always on point.

rise 001

Crazy how I’ve been going to Vegas since I was 19 and never really stopped to take a photo of this famous sign.

rise 008

New friends Ashlyn, Mark, Leo and Denise that met us at Bachi burger. Strangers at first, but connected really quick over the love of food.

rise 013

After a night of Fat Tuesdays and exploring we headed off to the Gold strike where our shuttle would take us to the the dry lake bed. Waiting in the long line wasn’t that bad because of the cloud porn.

rise 016

 Double rainbow what does it mean?

rise 017

rise 020

 Well, that’s not nice.

rise 021

 Ashlyn excited to wait in this line.

rise 025

 “Yeah, go have fun bae”

rise 026

As the sun started to set, the clouds looked even more beautiful. People in line were getting distracted by the sky and forgot to move forward.

rise 035

rise 037

rise 039

rise 042

rise 044

 Professional cloud photographer.

rise 047

rise 052

 After about 30 minutes of waiting in line, we were extremely excited to be on the shuttle.

rise 061

The walk to the festival felt like a scene out of a horror movie.

rise 077

rise 074

We missed the thousand candle welcoming, but they had these cute signs to greet us.

rise 082

Hayle with dat photo bomb.

rise 087

Glaiza the Explorer.

rise 084

rise 088

It was pretty cool that they had yoga mats for us to sit on while we waited for the first release.

rise 090

Leo and Denise setting up their area.

rise 098

Writing down wishes and dreams to aliens.

rise 099

Amazing what one torch could do.

rise 103

You could feel the excitement all around us when we were told we could start lighting up lanterns.

rise 172

They said you need 4 people to light up a lantern, three to hold it and one to take a photo of the three.

rise 109

The first lantern!

rise 118

The first release!

rise 129

The best part of photography is capturing a person’s authentic emotions in that moment.

rise 112

The first release was fucking crazy. It actually made me put down my camera for a moment and just enjoy it.

rise 156

rise 147

rise 156

rise 141

rise 152

rise 138

So many  “Oh myyy gaawwwdddd!”

rise 139

“Look at all of these fucks I give.”

rise 160

This photo of Kristine and Ashlyn enjoying this special moment is by far my favorite photo that I’ve ever taken. I am very envious of these two, they were the couple of the weekend and reminded me how fun being in love can be. I saw the past me in them back when I use to dive straight into love, without a life vest and worries about how cold the water would be. Now a days I only test the waters with my toe.

rise 154

You and Me – Flume

rise 151

I saw too many beautiful things on this night that my eyes were starting to have eyegasms and water kept on coming out. Thank you Rise for the memories.

 On the way back from the event we were waiting in this ridiculously long line to get back on the shuttle, apparently the people who were suppose to work the shuttles just left, so it turned into chaos. The group decided that walking would be quicker because someone said it would only be a 4 mile walk? It ended up being 6 miles. The walk was nice because we were able to see the stars and I’ve actually wanted to go star gazing for the longest time, so the walk was enjoyable for me. Make the most out of every situation.

rise 314

The next morning, we made our way up to Red Rock for some hiking and landscape photography.

rise 179

The leader of adventures.

rise 181

rise 182

These rocks look like naan bread and cinnamon buns.

rise 185

rise 183

rise 188

rise 198

These guys are crazy..

rise 215

rise 222


rise 229

rise 235

Leo thinking about rocks and stuff.

rise 240

Jasmine thinking about how she is going to catch Leo in these slip ons.

rise 239

Hold on to someone while your climbing down rocks, so if you fall they come down with you.

rise 244

rise 249

rise 291

rise 254


rise 293

rise 258

Welcome to my crib MTV!

rise 261

rise 265

Having revelations and stuff..

rise 270

Leo is like a spider monkey..

rise 276

rise 284

rise 272

“This nigga”…

rise 282

rise 337

There have only been about a half dozen genuinely important events in my life that had a positive effect on how I view the world. Rise Lantern festival has made it on my list, but it wasn’t the festival itself that did it. It was the adventure with some strangers that turned out to be awesome friends that did it. I’m going to miss waking up to laughter every morning and planning the next place to eat after we just ate. Hopefully, there will be more adventures in the future!


I just want to travel and see cool things. Follow me on Instagram and twitter @nguminh and @thefoodadventurist.

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