H2Oi 2014

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H2Oi…You have probably heard of this event that takes places at the end of September in Ocean City, Maryland. If you haven’t heard of it by now, then you are missing out on the biggest automotive gathering on the East Coast. This year some of our friends and I decided to go finally check it out, and experience what H2Oi is all about.

The moment we landed in Ocean City it was worth it already. Nothing but the best the East Coast has to offer, especially in the Euro realm.

Once we were on Coastal Highway aka the strip, there was nothing but modified car after modified car. It was almost as if you were living in a city, where auto enthusiasts out numbered regular people.

There was a good variety of everything cruising up and down the strip throughout the weekend.

One of the craziest things was the amount of police activity. People were getting towed left and right because Ocean City police believed their cars to be unsafe to drive. So, they impounded an enormous amount of cars, but all those cars were towed right back out and back onto the streets. Like this tC from New York.

Then once night hit we witnessed the beautiful chaos. There were even more cars on the strip, and this time doing burnouts for days up and down the strip. And the amount of people watching on the sidewalks was utterly crazy. It was really something you had to be there to experience.

The amount of people during the day was nothing to the amount of people that came out at night.

And then any random area you go, you would see a cool car.

This IS300 with some Rocketbunny front fenders and universal rear flares.

Group of Subarus out in a quite remote area of Ocean City.

More coastal parking lot spottings.

Group shot of some of the new and old friends at the Mazda Fitment x Wrong Fitment Crew meet up.

Hawk-eye STi on Enkei RS05RR.

There sure were a lot of Subarus everywhere.

More of the variety you would see at H2Oi.

FD RX-7 on VIP Modular VX610.

Another car on a set of VIP Modular VX610.

Slant lips have been making their rounds onto more cars recently.

This civic showing love all the way from Quebec, Canada. Thanks!

John’s Orange 350z on Weds Kranze LXZ.

Chris and Ryan hard styling to friendship.

The trip to H2Oi for the first time was definitely something you will not forget, and have major withdrawals. I would recommend everyone to take the chance to experience it for themselves, because any pictures or videos you see online just do not live up to the first hand account.


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