Alignment Day at 714 Tires

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So with Vegas right around the corner, all of us are trying to prepare for the crazy trek up the 15N to the state that is known for,  “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Jimmy, Minh, and I decided to get an alignment for our cars today at our buddies’ place over at 714 Tires. The funny thing is that 714 Tires has an above-ground alignment rack, so getting our somewhat low cars onto the rack was a mission for all of us.

Jimmy’s car went first and it took a couple of wooden planks and a jack to get his car up on the rack, but it made it.

Jimmy’s car on the rack; it was definitely a mission, but it was well worth it.

All about that camber.

What negative 9 camber looks like, amazing.

Yeahhh Jimmy’s shit was fucked up.

This picture isn’t in focus, but I just wanted to show the world how we got Jimmy’s car on and off the ramp. Yup, that’s right, his rear wheels are floating!

Next up was Minh’s car. I didn’t take that many pictures of Minh’s car because his wasn’t that exciting (JK). But really, after Jimmy’s car, I stopped taking pictures so I could take off my bumper to get it ready for the alignment rack. Here are two pictures I snapped of Minh’s car. Minh’s car is a work in progress, by the way, and it looks stunning, considering how short of a time he has owned the car.

Parked hard.

Minh’s car on the alignment rack.

I didn’t take any pictures of my car on the rack because I was too busy driving it up, trying to get it on the rack, but if you look around the inter webs, you may find a couple pictures leaking through Minh’s instagram @nguminh.

That pretty much sums up our day today, lots of fun trying to get the cars on and off the ramp. Until next time.


2004 chrome silver 350z

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