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The days are counting down for the big event at AUTOCON. I’m trying to get my SC together before then and want to re barrel my WORK EQUIPS that I bought from CZ WHEELS. I went to David’s house because he was already working on something on his car and he helped me take apart the wheels. Most of the nuts were super rusted and I wanted to get it replaced, went to three different shops and none of them carried it. Apparently, it’s a special nut with special threading and no one around my area carried it. Even a specialty nut and bolt ware house where all they sell is nuts and bolts! Fuck life.   

We were messing around and made the very first 18×4 Work Equip. 

Cherri doesn’t seem to like it. 

The next day, I dropped off my wheels at Ky’s house from BOSS COMPANY for him to see if the lips he ordered will fit or not.  Ky drives a ridiculous looking GS300 you might have seen it from my previous post at AUTOFASHION. Yes, he’s the one that almost killed a lady with his car by breaking her neck and then she drove into a fire hydrant.

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  1. Omarsxb951

    November 20, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    Those look like the same nuts used on bbs wheels. Rotiform sells them if you’re in socal.

  2. angel

    November 22, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Those look like bbs rm bolts…..but ur better off goin to work wheels webpage to see if they sale them or pm ….and let me know wat size is the bolts…..i can help u out bro….maybe those are m7x32

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