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It was one of those Saturdays, where we just felt like going out. Luckily for us my friend Mikey was throwing a meet at Brewery X and I saw that as an opportunity to go out with the boys. The Cars and Kegs is a car meet hosted by my friend Mikey, it’s a monthly meet that happens at a brewery in Anaheim. I saw some photos from the previous month and I knew I would need to check it out.

Cruising through he 57 North with John’s S2000.

The Power of Dreams.

First thing we saw was someone dressed up as Rikkamaru. It was stupid hot too, so props to this guy.

A pair of RWBs on display in the patio.

I can never ignore a clean IS300.

Brewery X is pretty dope, has a ton of TVs to watch sports and plenty of space for big parties.

Supra on Advan GT that I saw at our Giving SZN 2 event.

I need a S15.

Q45 tuckin’ on some Weds Bazerias.

Bagged R8.

Mikey’s Amuse 370z on Volk Te-37 SLs.

After the meet we decided to go to Tsujita for lunch. I got some sweet roller shots of Ky’s GS on the way.

Car stuff and ramen makes a great Saturday.


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