RENTJDM Opening | Event Coverage

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Stayed over at Miguel’s house for the weekend after SEMA and I got to see his whole car dealership in front of his house.

A right hand drive FC that he recently imported and almost ready for sale.

We went to Island Flavor for lunch with his son Ethan.

A must try spot when you’re in Vegas and get the sampler with the kalbi ribs and chicken!

Later that night, we went to go check out the Rent JDM grand opening. Rent JDM is a spot to go rent JDM cars while you’re in Vegas.

They had a lot full of sick JDM cars in front, but I wasn’t sure which one was for rent.

Inside the building there were a display of GTRs of almost every generation.

Maybe something to check out if you’re ever in Vegas and want to rent a JDM car!


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