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SEMA week usually ends with a mini car meet after the load out. This year it was called the VIP Fest Pre-Meet and most of the time you can see some pretty sick cars that were from the SEMA show.

Met up with Chivas and Vince at Vince’s work. Here is Chivas’s 4Runner now on Black Rhino wheels.

Vince’s Integra collecting dust.

Simon reppin’ the Underground Kings jacket.

We arrived to the meet and was greeted by so many nice cars flowing into the parking lot.

Chris Reyes rolling in like a boss in his 300.

Awesome Hakosuka that was meeting up with Dione from Toyo Tires for a photo shoot.

Royal Origin Exploration Team

So much JDM in one picture..This Mark II with Vienna 5 spokes and ganador was perfect.

Not often I see a clean SC and one that is tucked like this.

You already know who it is. Ian’s Datsun who is frequently in our Vegas car meet coverages.

Clean GS with nice camber all around.

Spotted our FTP sticker on this sick 350Z.


The star of the whole car meet was this sick LS500. This was definitely a crowd favorite.

A pair of Pandem E30s.

Glad to see the car scene alive and well in Vegas. Maybe anniversary meet next year?



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