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I’ve been itching for a nice weekend camp getaway since Monache Meadows and luckily for me Angelo wanted to go to Anza Borrega to check out some new metal sculptures.

Had my roll dog Kiki going with me this time. Moscow and Julia couldn’t make it because of school.

The squad featuring a new friend Dave and his sick 4Runner.

Found the scorpion sculpture.

Dragon family.


Tour guide Angelo took us to see some views too.

Yuki is afraid of heights.

Tour guide and chef.

It wouldn’t be a trip if Dayne’s car didn’t break down.

Yup that’s a micro fiber being used as a oil cap.

You know things are going to be dusty when you can see this sticker.

Always good to see the GX out in the wild.

Camp set up.

The classic steak by Angelo.

I love my setup.

Kiki was the road trip partner.


Until next time! -NGUMINH

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