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Sometimes nostalgia can be a real pain in the ass. Sometimes you miss the smell of something or maybe even the way something made you feel. That’s probably why I still keep my old piece of crap SC around. It just makes me feel like the times when I first got into cars and everything was so exciting. Hanging out with friends, cruising the streets, and just being happy. That feeling of nostalgia can be built again and that’s why Kevin got back into a Honda. He’s been building this EK for quite some time and now his vision is finally complete. Check it out!

That feeling when you just finished your car and it gets it’s first sunset shoot.

If you guys didn’t notice, this is the same spot we first shot Kevin’s E36.

Kevin’s Pandem E36 | Car Porn

I don’t know much about Hondas, but damn this thing is nice. Built like how a responsible adult would instead of the HOODRATstuff we did when we were younger. No cut springs here baby.

He plans to build this car for the track and as a nice little daily.

John came along to help us get some rollers, here we have the chase car for today.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! It’s never too late to build your dream car.



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