Early Mornings and Night Risers

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I don’t usually wake up at 6:30A.M., but when I do, I like to spend my time at Cars and Coffee in Irvine. I remember when Shavi, Vinh, and I went to Wekfest San Francisco last year and met John from Mayday Garage. He asked us how old we were and we all responded with over 20. He said that we were at the age where we were either going to be heavily ingrained into the car scene and can’t turn back or we were going to put this hobby behind us. The Cars and Coffee meet is full of the people who are in love with cars and are deep within the automotive scene. Cars and Coffee draws people of all ages, races, and backgrounds together. You can see all types of car modifications from track-oriented to hot rods.

The cars at Cars and Coffee are kept extremely clean, like this Porsche 911.

A row of Lotus, it was like I fell into heaven’s garden.

Ferrari F430…

Something familiar, a track-oriented Nissan GTR.

Another mint condition Porsche.

Another GTR.

Someone brought out a Nascar. Really surprised it wasn’t pulled over because of how freaking loud it is.

After Cars and Coffee, I went to Alex’s house so he could grind down my inner fender well. It will help with my rubbing and allow me to go lower. Thanks Alex!

Ass out.

Kentaro swung by and installed some shorter springs.

And then a flash mob car meet happened.

Derek’s Booshma.

After doing some work at Alex’s garage, we did a little shoot at the top of a parking structure.

Some photos of Zayan’s Miata before he sells it…

Money shot! Cars.


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