Greddy Performance x Evasive Motorsports 10th Gen Civic Meet | Event Coverage

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Greddy Performance had a collaboration meet with Evasive Motorsports to bring together the 10th generation Civic community and for them to check out the new products that Greddy was creating for the Civic platform. Of course, we had to come out and support since Nimo has been working closely with Greddy for his own Civic and we were told that there was going to be tacos.

Same car, different styles.

A completely redone Civic Type R with a wild aero splitter setup from Top One Motors.

Evasive Motorsports Civic Type R on Advan GT wheels.

Our very own, Nimo’s Civic SI now featuring side skirts and a lip that’s not held on by tape.

Greddy had the garage ready for display showing some of their new products for the 10th gen Civic.

Kevin’s EK recently featured on our site here..

Kevin’s EK | Royal Origin Member

Sara arrived fashionably late to support her sponsor Evasive Motorsports. She just got her Voltex front bumper installed and a swan wing setup. It looks really good!

Not sure if fanboying over the car or the owner..

This car has came a long way since it first got here from Hawaii with stock wheels and a crap load of adhesive residue on the door.

Sara’s new puppy was the real star of the car meet. Meet Kopi, the lady slaying teacup poodle.

You can see the excitement that everyone had when Kopi arrived represented by Nimo’s face.

A wild Japanese man arrives all the way from Sagamihara. Ryo was in town for Abbitt and Krstina’s wedding.

Another out of towner now, Vinh a survivor of Hurricane Lane was also in town for the wedding.

Where do you take a Japanese visitor for lunch in SoCal? Pepper Lunch, a chain restaurant that is all over Japan.

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