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These days it’s rare that you will catch us preparing for a car show with the balance of adulting and trying to stay alive in this economy, none of us ever have time to get a car ready for a show. Luckily for us we can live vicariously through Kevin’s new Honda Civic EK build. Kevin’s been putting this baby together since the beginning of the year and building his EG from the ground up. Stripped the car completely, got major body work done and swaped almost ever single piece of the car out that was welded to the car itself.

We were able to swing by to catch the Greddy Team fitting his new B16 motor in along with the shiny new toys.

Check and double check to figure out clearance for the intake.

Coming to a Wekfest near you..

The cool thing about swinging by Greddy is we get a glimpse of the show winning cars they build before it gets the Greddy touch. This RX-7 is getting build for Kei Muira of Rocket Bunny for SEMA. I can’t wait to see what they do to it!

Some very nice cars out in the parking lot.

We had OC Tan in the house, looking pretty so Kevin could feel more relaxed when something doesn’t go right with the EK.

Meanwhile at home… some one buy me already!


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