Royal Origin x Lowballers Car Meet | Event Coverage

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10 years of love. Love for cars, love for photography and love for friends. Royal Origin was founded in 2008 and even though we haven’t done a meet in a while, we thought it would be cool to throw one for our 10 year anniversary. You already know we had to do it in Vegas, where all the memories and friendships began. To start the morning, we did a quick wash before we headed out to the meet with Jaycray’s Pandem RC.

When we got to the meet, it was already packed to the brim. We couldn’t even park our own cars next to each other, but we were glad there was a big showing.

The fitment, the stance and the wheels are all on point with this S13.

Rodney’s Cressida.

Lance’s immaculate NSX on Work Meisters.

The Karuma gang was out in full force with their trio of sick cars.

I finally got to see Ian’s Corolla and it was not a disappointment.

Someone brought another Cressida to show Rodney how it should be done.

You know you’re rich when you can floss every part of your car.

A line of cars that cost more than the whole parking lot.

Nimo ended up cutting his springs and putting these wheels on just for the meet. He even cut his Tein springs for more low. Nimo is always going to be a HOODRAT.

Chivas, the leader of the RO OFF-road crew.

Chris representing RO in Vegas with his Chrysler 300.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support! A big thanks to the Lowballers for collaborating with us! We’ll see you guys next time!


Photos by @nguminh and @k3ychain.

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