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It’s been a while since we’ve done anything related to cars, so this night was especially exciting because we didn’t carpool to meet up. Everyone actually brought their cars out just like the good old days and it was awesome. The idea for the shoot was just to get all the red cars together for a video, but we got side tracked and ended up making a rap music video which you can find on our Instagram @royalorigin.

My SC next to Brendan’s classic Supra.

Red or dead.

Brendan checking out Ashton’s recently finished Pandem E36.

The Supra is still looking good as it did 8 years ago in the lair.

Not red, but Keith brought out his nostalgic Accord.

John’s Corvette which sounds like a beast ever since it got a cam install.

A surprise visit, Phat brought out the Cayman. He got an oil change just to bring it out tonight.

Red never looked so good. Thank God Ashton didn’t stick with the blue.

You already know the plug’s vehicle, Rodney’s Cressida.

Man this photo is so cool. I wish I brought a tripod so I didn’t have to shoot with such high ISO.

Got some shots in with the 135mm, but people were already leaving, so I didn’t get that many photos of their cars.

Derek’s Cressida, twinning with Rodney but it looks alot better because of the black trim.


Brandon’s never finished IS300.


Shout out to everyone who came out tonight! It was good hanging and we should definitely do it more often!


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