SEMA Day 1 | Event Coverage

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I kinda forgot I had some photos from SEMA, so here’s to remembering something that happened last year…

I was going to hang out in Vegas for a week and it so happened Nimo was going to. We met up and took a road trip to Vegas in his brand new Civic SI.

We stopped for a pee break and it ended up being a product photo shoot for our new hoodies, which you can get here at

Our first stop in Vegas was the Island Sushi and Grill where they have the best poke in Vegas.

Nimo ended up detailing the crap out of his car.

We met up with Vu who is here filming for work and picked up Ryo from the airport.

First car photo I took and it was of this guy spilling his drink all over this clean E30. Well it’s not so clean anymore.

Still looking good after the spill, the guy didn’t even make an effort to clean up.

SEMA always brings the best builds out for display like this Varis GTR on Volk TE-37s.

Ryo happy as hell he’s back in the U.S.

Found Ryan Gold and Chivas in Hall A.

Reppin’ everywhere we go.

Audi on equipped with a Clinched widebody kit.

Very nice wide EG from Auto Fashion.

Squad up.

Not your average soccer mom van.

Also not your average tow truck.

We’ll be back next time for part two of a throwback Thursday of SEMA.


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