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There has been one thing I have never done in all my years of going to Japan and it’s the Mario Cart tour. It’s a tour of the city, but you get to drive a go cart and dress like your favorite Mario Cart characters.

Abbitt chose the closest thing to his spirit animal.

We had a ton of fun driving around Tokyo and I would definitely recommend going on these tours as it is a great way to see the city.

After the tour, we split up from Abbitt and Krstina and went to Akihabara to check out some anime and sex shops for my wife. I only came to try this gyukatsu, which was fucking delicious.

Went back to Shibuya to explore some more and hopefully get some shopping in. I got the opportunity to show Julia my favorite spot in Tokyo. This is the entrance to the mall of my favorite roof top Starbucks.

This out door patio is so legit and romantic. I’m glad I got to take Julia here.

Find us in Harajuku.

We decided to regroup with Krstina and Abbitt for dinner at a pasta spot. Because Japanese pasta is so good. That is all.

Julia about to dive into some bomb carbonara. I’m about to dive into it too because I know she doesn’t finish her food.

The owner of the restaurant also made us some smores for dessert.

Woke up early on our last day to get some breakfast and get the last bit of Japan. The morning commute in Tokyo looks crazy.

Went to Cafe De Luca for pastries and coffee.

We ran into the guy that walks his cats every morning in Harajuku. All the cats looked dead af.


Tried a little snack at Harajuku Gyoza. Bomb and quick.

We said our goodbyes and I took Julia to try the last place to get good sushi at Narita Airport. The toro here is so on point and delicious.

Thanks for checking out our Japan trip, maybe it’s time to start going somewhere else…



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