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It’s been a while since the last time we went to a car meet, but we felt like the Pro-Stance car show would be a great time to come out and see what’s new in the car scene. Pro-Stance is a car show brought to you by the guys over at Central Pine. They have a good relationship with T-Demand Japan and got the guys over from Japan to judge a VIP car show. Shavi and I went at different times, so our photos will be a little bit different. Make sure you check the watermark to be sure who took the photo!

Caught Rilber rolling up in his wide body Audi.

U.S. VIP brought to you by Jay and his LS400.

Clean GS parked in front of the show.

More of Jay’s LS400…

Jay’s LS400 is bagged with some serious T-Demand suspension to get that negative camber with the Emitz.

Anything with T-Demand parts, you should expect some crazy camber.

The head boss at Central Pine, Sam’s Q45.

Taylor’s LS400 on Rotiform ROC.

Karuma in full force, a clothing brand by our good buddies.

Taylor and Paul holding it down at the booth. Peep that IS250 rear end tee..

Two Sick IS’s from Pure Lex.

Black is VIP.

Hot S14 with crazy camber from PURE VIP.

The father of EURO VIP, Johnne Sou’s Job Design E60.

A wild Cressida with a Chaser front end conversion looking like it came straight from Japan.

A car that literally came straight from Japan is this Toyota Crown with that ridic camber on SSR TF1.

Mike Vo’s more crazy than ever LS with that new vinyl wrap and Black Pearl kit.

Sick T-Demand parts to get that extra low and camber.

This GS is probably my favorite from the T-Demand line up.

Wild E46 from Violent Clique.

Shout out to Central Pine and T-Demand for throwing a sick car show!

After the show, Ky, John and I decided to go to the Oyster Bar at the Artic.

Their ‘House Special’ Clam Chowder and Pan Roast. Bomb!

Later on went to A La Minute for some nitrogen ice cream!

What a life.

Photos by @nguminh and @shaviw



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