A Wide Body Comes From Cakes | Night Hangs

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Phat signaled the crew to come out and help him finish his kit and as the good homies we were, we came late and he was already almost done. Phat had his Cayman on hiatus as he was prepping the car for a flare wide body and some new wheels.

How many guys does it take to install a spoiler?

The answer is 7.

All ready to attack it’s first driveway exit.

Looking super clean even with the flares.

When she squats..

Phat’s shop is also home to Skyline Syndicate, check out this R32 that is on sale.

We cruised over to the gas station with 10 cars deep like it was 2010.

The first gas station photo.

Some guy showing Sang how big his dick is.

Flexed a little bit at In-N-Out.

While we were eating the owner of this Mustang decided to do a burn out and drift a corner in cool fashion like he was riding into the sunset John Wayne style.

Life had other plans for this little Mustang and he lost control. Luckily for him he decided to veer into a cake shop for that cushioned crash.

After that fiasco, we went back to the cars and just talked about how to get hookers in Rosarito. The person that started this conversation is the owner of this Cressida.

Abbitt decided to drive his Porsche out for once.

John’s daily Corvette.

More of the phateee.

Vu’s Civic on some Gram Lights.

Ashton’s GS on some Vertini wheels. Rent it on Turo!

As we were leaving we saw the driver of the Mustang in handcuffs.

Tonight was a good night..



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