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 Spent the day helping John get his car ready for his track day and I got to use his tools to install the grill on my SC.

Oh yeah, starting to look more complete everyday.

John added a roll bar to his car for more chassis stiffness and did an oil change before his big track day. This would be John’s first time taking his car out to the track.

Gotta floss a bit while you’re hitting those apexes.

Came home to a hungry wife and we decided that we should just go to sleep for dinner, but in the spur of the moment we ultimately drove to Cali Tacos to feed our hunger.

Carne asada fries at Cali Tacos.

We also got two asada tacos which were huge!

Definitely give Cali Tacos a try, it’s a San Diego style taco shop, so you know it’s bomb!


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