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 Ever since I went to Japan in January for Tokyo Auto Salon, Julia has been bugging me to take her. So on Valentines Day I bought her a ticket to Japan to shut her up. Just kidding, but I did buy her a ticket because I love her and now she won’t shut up about going back. 

Caught this rare glimpse of another airplane flying with us on the same route.

For this trip, we traveled with Krstina and Abbitt and it happened to be Krstina’s first time too! Here we have two tourists posing with a rock that looks like the famous Hachiko.

Night exploring, looking for something to eat and we then decided to go to Yakitori Center where Abbitt fell down a flight of stairs and broke his hand.

Cold chicken wings, beef and chick skin! So bomb.

Our next stop would be the World’s Second Best Freshly Baked Melon-Pan Icecream. It’s literally called that and one can argue that it might be the best!

The melon bread is so good and the ice cream combo just makes it better!

  1. The look on their faces says it all.

The next morning we woke up early and got some cold udon that Abbitt found near our place.

It was my first time eating cold udon and it was delicious! Full of flavor and it was easy to eat.

Most of the shops and places we wanted to go were closed, so we got some coffee at Streamers Coffee in Shibuya.

Coffee lovers.

Shout out to Streamers Coffee for letting us put our sticker on their wall!

Julia is an avid cat lover and no one loves cats more than the Japanese. They have cat cafes all over Tokyo just so you can spend time with like 20 different types of cats.  The cat cafe we went to was in Shibuya and it’s called Cafe Mocha.

So many pretty cats in this cafe, too bad I’m allergic.

A munchkin cat!

You pay about $10-15 USD to hang out with cats and some cafes offer beverages. For foreigners this might seem like a waste of money, but for the Japanese this is a place where you can relax and calm your stress by playing with cats.

We spotted a park with a bunch of cherry blossom trees and we had to stop by to take photos.

We got lost in Shibuya and came across this crazy looking building.

Passed by Genki Sushi and saw the RO sticker I placed the first time I came to Japan. Crazy how it’s already been 4 years. What a life.

We took a long train to West Aoyama Garden where they have the interesting fluffy pan cakes.

I also ordered this ham grilled sandwich that was pretty basic just like the pancake. I would not recommend going here, unless you’re just going for Instagram photos.

That’s all for today, check back for more on this 4 part saga of Japan Adventures Again.



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