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As some of you may know, my boy Vinh Nguyen aka Big Vinh is getting married this year. It was a mix of happy and sad feelings I had when I found out this news. Happy he found someone to love and sad that he’ll be moving away to North Carolina to be with her. His sister put together a little going away party for him and all the homies came through for one last “LET’S DRINK!!”

Some of these guys I haven’t seen in years. Crazy how life fast forwards so quick.

The funniest Filipino I know.

Shavi approved.

Linda was a stage 4 clinger on Vinh all night.

The Lorna street family.


North Dakotans.

Take care of this troll. Thanks Cindy.

“I love you guys man”

Nimo arrived all late and shit, but it’s cool because he was rocking authentic Phat Farm gear.

And he rolled up with this.

GoodbyeVinh and good luck with your life in North Carolina. We’re going to miss hanging out in your garage, getting our air fixed by you, being able to call you for Homie AAA and all of the times you trolled the fuck out of us. There’s no one like you, a big guy with an even bigger heart. Thanks for always being there. I am glad though, because we won’t be over ordering anymore when we go to all you can eat restaurants. Also can you face time us just like the way you did for Cindy in North Carolina?



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