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GMG Racing Open House | Event Coverage

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GMG Racing open house is one of the best local events in Orange County, we get to see a crazy amount of super cars at this event and be in presence of cars that would probably cost two of your lifetimes to afford. The morning of the event I met up with Phat and Ashton for breakfast.

DSC08423 One does not belong…DSC08428 The Porsche/Mazda bros. DSC08431 DSC08433 Ashton’s 911 is looking great going back to the grey paint and adding the PNA Design wing. DSC08435 DSC08436DSC08440

We were waiting for the Phaze 2 caravan to come through and they brought the heat.

DSC08453 The roll-in was way tight just like Darren’s Porsche. DSC08455 Clean styling with this Porsche on BBS RS.DSC08456 DSC08459 Brendan’s widebody Supra was out and about at the event.  DSC08461 These guys were talking about if this car was in the Fast and Furious or not.DSC08463 Roll out like a boss.DSC08465 DSC08466

Mikey’s Amuse 370z on Volk TE-37 SL.

DSC08467 Mikey’s shiny 997 on Rotiforms.DSC08468  DSC08471 DSC08473 Darren’s GT3 got some prime parking at the event. DSC08474 DSC08475   DSC08479DSC08482  DSC08487 DSC08488Mikey with the surprise back rub. DSC08490 DSC08493 DSC08494 DSC08495 Bugatti to greet you before entering the warehouse. DSC08497 The car even had it’s own security to make sure no one leans on it.DSC08500 GMG Racing Audi R8 for sale. It would be a nice addition to my garage, but maybe in another life time. DSC08502 The R8 is pretty clean for a race car. DSC08504 Super cars on super cars. DSC08507 DSC08511 Every automotive photographer’s dreams were in this building.DSC08514DSC08518 DSC08519 DSC08523 Those carbon fiber wheels tho. DSC08525 DSC08528 DSC08530 This F12 is so beautiful. DSC08531  DSC08542 DSC08545DSC08550DSC08553Medusa RWB.DSC08555 DSC08557 DSC08560 Bugatti roll out.DSC08563 DSC08567

Ending it with me spotting Devyn’s Itasha style Civic.


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