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Extreme Dimensions Car Show 2016| Event Coverage

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The annual Extreme Dimensions Car Show was a couple of weeks ago and the turn out was amazing. There were cars from all walks of life and they had some crazy events that were going on during the show, but we’ll get into that in a bit.DSC02725 These two yellow FRS caught my eye from a far. DSC02727

Bugeye on Work XD9.

DSC02728 So much gloss in the paint.DSC02731 Glad to be seeing more modified R32s in SoCal.DSC02732 DSC02733 DSC02737 DSC02739 DSC02741

DSC02742DNA Motoring’s S2000 for show.

DSC02745 DSC02747A front end collision would suck for this Subaru. DSC02748 Wide body Mustang, so it could hit more people in crowds.DSC02750 That color tho.DSC02751 DSC02753 The Subie presence was strong at this meet.

DSC02754 DSC02758 Wow, 2nd generation IS with a 3rd gen front bumper molded on.DSC02761 DSC02763 John’s R35 on Advan GT.DSC02767 DSC02769 Evil looking Mustang.DSC02770 DSC02771 DSC02775

Damn!! Satin black with gold accents on this S2000 looks amazing.

DSC02777 Low is an understatement.DSC02778From satin black to all the colors of the rainbow. DSC02780 DSC02783 DSC02785 DSC02789 Perfect photo opportunity for this skyline syndicate.DSC02791 DSC02793 DSC02795 DSC02798 DSC02801 They were having a revving contest where the audience choose the winner. The one time revving your car at a meet was cool.DSC02803 DSC02804 The “Fuck Likes” sticker on this clean GS.DSC02805 DSC02809 DSC02810 DSC02813 Another 2nd gen IS with a 3rd gen bumper with excellent fitment.DSC02816 DSC02818 DSC02819 DSC02822 DSC02824 DSC02831  Neck breaker.DSC02836 Old school Mazda rolling out.DSC02840 DSC02844 DSC02850 Bagged and boosted S2000.DSC02852 DSC02853 DSC02856 DSC02862

Best LS right now in Orange County and it’s owned by Tommy from Infinite Werks.


God, I love seeing a immaculate Civic.DSC02873

DSC02864DSC02868 DSC02870 DSC02876 DSC02878 DSC02881 DSC02884      After a long day at the show, a musubi from Musubi Monster ended the day.DSC02902

Try it, it’ll change your life.


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