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Formula Drift Final Fight Irwindale 2015 | Coverage

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About a week ago on October 11, 2015, the last Formula Drift of the year took place – the Final Fight in Irwindale. First off, it was probably one of the hottest events I’ve ever attended besides ones in Las Vegas. Ironically, it was about ten to fifteen degrees cooler that day in Las Vegas than Southern California, but despite the scorching temperatures, Formula Drift never failed to be an epic event – even the drivers were not phased with the two hundred-degree temperatures in their drift machines suited up – shit’s pretty fuckin’ gangster.

Fredric Aasbo always killing’ it!

Ma boy, Justin Pawlak!

Zayuumn, Ken! Gotteeeem!

I’ve always loved Wang’s ride doe! Shit’s flames!

Mad Mike’s MX-5 is straight-up FIRE!

Vaughn Gittin Jr. was performing some dope stunts in between eliminations in his Ecoboost F-150 with underglow and spark effects.

Top 16 got everyone screaming on their toes. Shit was gnarly, especially with the freshly altered course – there were a lot of accidents at the entry to the second bank. Ken Gushi went through some rough patches with a couple of engines, but still managed to “fuck shit up” – in a good way. As the night narrowed down during the top 16, everyone was hella stoked to see Aasbo, Gushi, and Wang place podium – congrats fellas!

Top 3 Standings:

  1. Fredric Aasbo #151
  2. Kenshiro Gushi #21
  3. Forrest Wang #808

Aside from the main event, there was another life behind the k-rails and the grand stands. Hundreds of fans and enthusiasts roamed the vendor and show venue, making it almost easy to beat the heat! Let’s check out all the fuss at the Offset Kings venue.

Mizzark’s E60 M5 bebeh!

Hi Mizzark!

Edgar’s Z32

Yogi’s GS430

Oh hai there Yogi!

Mikey’s Porsche with the ass shot!

Mikey on that hotline bling with Noel.

Noel on that hotline bling with Mikey. Lol.

Arm’s IS300 with his fresh Elixir front bumper. It’s a dream come true!

It was fun shooting on the track with Paulo. This foo comes out from Las Vegas every time to shoot for SouthrnFresh. You’s a trooper ma boy!

I can never get over this Tailored FD. This car actually won Offset Kings a couple years back at Formula Drift Irwindale, and it just never gets old.

Hi Courtney “WING”field!

Dat Aimgain front end on the FR-S doe!

S14 Kouki with the Vertex Lang!

What do you feel about this Rocket Bunny flared RSX? Pretty insane in the membrane.

After shooting around the the car show, we headed back to home base at the Royal Origin booth to see how the crew is doing.

My zaughters Hayle and Vickie holdin’ it down at the booth.

They wanted Zaddy to be in the photo, so here I am!

Dem Derry Dexx holdin’ down the fort while Aye Ron’s trying to snapchat the one that got away.

Aww Jeff always sells them with his smile. Swapang talaga!

Got to meet this fine gal next door to us at the Chibi Cars booth. She’s the one behind all the cool artwork they had on display! She’s very talented and very bae. Nice meeting you, Stephanie.

Bruno Mars be like, selfie!

Bruno’s “Aww shit I got got” pose. Lol.

Damn it, Vinh, you’re a little too tall, squat down a little for the picture please?

Much better!

Looks like the booth was doing good and didn’t catch fire from all the heat that we dropped. So let’s take the crew over back to the Offset Kings venue to take a last look at my favorite part of the show, the Serial Nine guys from Canada.

This “Seams” about right, YAHNAHMSAYIN?!

It was LIT, fam!

Formula Drift Final Fight Irwindale 2015 was a jam-packed event just like every other FD there is. This Final Fight was one we will never forget. We also thank everyone that came by and showed us support. Even though this is our first event not showcasing any of our cars, it was still pretty LIT with all the homies. Just stay tuned to some of our builds during the next seasons – big thangs are going to be popping! ‘Til next time, folks!

-Celso Nimo

I am Celso Nimo.

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