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Another day in Sydney, Australia, and Alan from AL Captures from Melbourne, Australia was still in town and was nice enough to take me around. We started out our day at a photo shoot and then drove into the city to check out some good food and a few typical tourist spots.


DSC01013That is right. That is their Burger King.

DSC01014Seeing my favorite Pepper Lunch here was a nice surprise, but still wouldn’t eat something I can already get back home.


DSC01017Somewhere in downtown Sydney.


DSC01020Alan: Thank you for hanging out with me down there. Truly appreciate the hospitality. Let me know when you are over the big pond.

DSC01021Some weird bird.

DSC01025Finally to the main location, Mr. Crackles. This spot is known for having crispy skinned succulent meats mixed with their dishes.




DSC01024The crispiness.

DSC01027Slow roasted 5 spiced pork belly with Vietnamese style salad inside a long roll.

DSC01031Delicious and filling. Not real big on onion rings, but these were really enjoyable for me.

DSC01028Fully laid out, and slammed on the floor.

DSC01034Going through Harbour Bridge.

DSC01036I am sure most of us have seen this on television at the 2000 summer Olympics, the Sydney Opera House.



DSC01039The actual Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House all in one view.

DSC01042Some Southern California love down under.



DSC01052The city life in Sydney was really impressive. Definitely, one of the most lively and busy cities.

DSC01054Ended the day in the city with some Golden Gaytime.

If I were to go back to Australia, I would definitely love to see more of the country; probably Melbourne area, the coral reefs, or what the real outback is.

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