West Collective 2015 | Seventh Annual BBQ

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The homie Erik invited me to slide through his fam’s annual gathering for some hangs, some meats, and some turnups. It was a hella chill environment, it wasn’t too hot (thank God), and there was nothing but good vibes from the West Collective fam. We did have some pigs rolling through lurking on our activities – about three squad cars deep. I didn’t get photos, but we handled it pretty well. Ahem…THANH! Lol jk.

Jimmy and Erik – the boosted Civic couple ?

It doesn’t look like much is going on under those trees looking at this picture. Step a little closer, and you’ll forget you’re even at this park – that’s how I felt, at least.

That’s why! If you don’t know, now you know…Damn it, Joe! LOL.

Shouts to the homie $lopps for the golden drank – it definitely was a Privilege.

Volk Racing CE28’s left and right. Squad goals, for sure.

Wait, Volk Racing TE37’s left and right, as well! Squad goals x2. Love this color combo on Thanh’s 4-series.

Break that neck, homie! Break it!

More CE28! This is my favorite look on Robert’s DC5.

Big daddy bauwse 7-series, baby! I’m a sucker for the big body lux-life.

It’s fun to do bad things with, Jimmy, even if it goes way overboard. On to the next chapter, my brother.

“From up top baby! Money don’t sleep – NO IT DOES NOT!”

Being that I do both video and photo, it gets pretty confusing to switch back and forth debating whether to capture a moment with one or the other. I always try my best, especially that I am intoxicated 98% of the time I’m working. If I didn’t snap a photo of your car – my bad. Lol. It ain’t like I won’t see you guys again anyway. TFTI and thanks for the hospitality. ‘Til next time, famz!

-Celso Nimo

I am Celso Nimo.

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