Night Magic

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First like, first comment, first post this post will be all about the first of everything for 2015. Rang in the new year doing our usual hoodratstuff and basically got nothing done.


When the sun comes down the hoodrats come out to play.


I’ve been wanting to go out to take photos of stars for the longest time. Hanging out in Jordan’s neighborhood gave me the motivation because Villa Park neighborhoods are pitch black with no street lights. Perfect for star gazing.


This reminds me of a great poem I saw the other day.


You were red. You liked me cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided that purple just wasn’t for you.


After some failed attempts to take photos of the stars, we decided that it would be fun to try to light paint. Of course, we never come prepared, so we had to figure out some hoodratstuff.


We had the power of two IPhone 5S with 11%-30% battery life to help us light paint some cars. Even though the first couple of trials gave us some horrendous outcomes, we finally got it together in the next couple of shots.


Pretty good I do say so myself for someone who can’t afford lighting equipment and never really light painted.


For some reason, we thought it would be funny to shoot this photo. JDM sideways parked trashcans are cool right?


Went down the street and just light painted anything that had wheels on it including Shavi’s daily M30. This car has some crazy stuff coming soon and I’m glad that Shavi will use this photo for transformation Tuesdays one day.


Next car was Jordan’s dad’s Mercedes, Jordan sent this photo to his dad and his dad didn’t even recognize his own car and said it was a pretty nice Mercedes.


Derek’s car was probably the worst car to light paint with it. The black adsorbed all of the light lines and that shit took forever to photoshop out.



Final result. Derek’s car is still ugly.



Double light painting! What does it mean?! (2 IPhone 5S and 2 IPhone 6 were used for this shot)




I want this to be our thing so bad. Shooting product photos on top of a trashcan. 


Not bad eh? I would promote buying this plate, but we already sold out.


We decided that Derek needed an album cover for his beat mixes and maybe a new facebook profile photo.


Reppin HOODRATstuff til he stops working at a Thai restaurant.


Check out dem beats on soundcloud here…


Well, ta ta for now. Here’s to more meaningful posts in the future.


I just want to travel and see cool things. Follow me on Instagram and twitter @nguminh and @thefoodadventurist.

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