Masaki’s USDM Inspired Nissan S13

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After KDAY C4 show, we pulled Masaki’s S13  to the side and did a little photo shoot to get some more detailed shots of his car.

jptrip 1061

 We met Masaki in the States back in 2012 when he came to visit. It’s great that we can finally see his car that we’ve been drooling over online for so many years.

jptrip 1000

These Autostrada Modena were rebuilt in the United States by SteebSpecd. That’s some serious dedication by Masaki to make it an authentic USDM style wheel.

jptrip 1043

jptrip 1008

Masaki kept the lines on his car clean as possible converting his car from the pig nose front end to the Silvia front end.

jptrip 1053

Masaki has owned this car for 10+ years and has kept it extremely clean, also even painting the car himself.

jptrip 1052

jptrip 1033

He’s even rocking a California license plate!

jptrip 1077

jptrip 1075

Keeping it simple is always best.

jptrip 1072

jptrip 1069

Crazy how he drove this low for four hours to get to this show.

jptrip 1068

jptrip 1065

jptrip 1038

jptrip 1029

jptrip 1021

Wheel porn.

jptrip 1003

jptrip 1017
jptrip 1015

Reppin’ all the homies.

jptrip 1014

jptrip 1013

jptrip 1012

jptrip 1073

The whale pose inspired by Pogifresh.

Thanks Masaki for letting us shoot your car and giving us a ride back to the station!



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