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 One of the best things about traveling is making new friends. Our new friend Kevan who is originally from  San Bernardino was one of our new friends made in Japan. We were introduced to him by Zee and he was one of the drivers that took us around for the day we had the car meet at Daikoku PA. After the meet, he suggested for us to come down to Yokosuka, so he could show us around on the base.

jptrip 1138


We woke up and once again took the first train down to Yokosuka. JR pass is key to worry free traveling in Japan.

jptrip 1142

 Yokosuka is home to a United States Navy Base which makes the surrounding areas pretty Americanized with burger joints and taco restaurants.

jptrip 1144

jptrip 1148

 Kevan picking us up in his gangster Chaser.

jptrip 1156

 When we arrived on to the base, the first thing Kevan did was take us to the Auto hobby garage where most of the people on base can get their car worked on.

jptrip 1153

Inside the shop you can expect to see some cool Japanese vehicles being worked on like this R32.

jptrip 1150

This is where you can spot some nice rides like this mint S14.

jptrip 1152

 Here is Kevan openly rocking the FTP shirt and showing us his little shed of cool JDM parts.

jptrip 1151

jptrip 1158

This is parking lot is literally JDM as fucked.

jptrip 1159

jptrip 1160

jptrip 1162

jptrip 1165

 The combo breaker.

jptrip 1168

 Jeremy’s Chaser who has been living here in Japan since the 90s. He even met his wife through the drifting scene here in Japan.

jptrip 1169

 Jeremy is the king of Yahoo Auctions and is the go to guy for some of the guys here to find parts.

jptrip 1170

 After exploring the base, Kevan took us to go get some legit ramen. It was so good that I forgot to take a photo of it, but here are some cool shots of Kevan’s chaser.

jptrip 1171

jptrip 1173

jptrip 1177

jptrip 1179

jptrip 1185

jptrip 1188
jptrip 1186

Crazy to see kids walking in the middle of the night and not worrying about getting kidnapped or cops beating them up.

jptrip 1184

Goodbye Yokosuka, you were good to us. Thanks Kevan for showing us around!


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