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Whenever I saw online photo coverage of an event in Japan, there are always cool cars in the parking lot. After spending a couple of hours inside of Port Messe Dome, we ventured out to the parking lot to see if we can find anything special.

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jptrip2 583


The parking lot did not disappoint, there were cars out here that should have been inside the show. Check out this Supra on TE37s with 326 Power extended lug nuts.

jptrip2 581

Chaser drift cars stuntin’ in the front row of the parking lot.

jptrip2 550

jptrip2 549

jptrip2 548

jptrip2 547

jptrip2 580


Crazy 180sx with a wild body kit.

jptrip2 579

 Aero for days.

jptrip2 577

This rootbeer Aristo was something else as well.

jptrip2 576

You would rarely see a big body car like this Aristo done up like this in the United States. Static low with a drift set up interior and boosted.

jptrip2 574

jptrip2 573

and then the rear is insane with all of those exhaust pipes.

jptrip2 572

S15 built for time attack.

jptrip2 553

jptrip2 571

jptrip2 569

R32s were so common in this parking lot. It was like seeing a Camry in the States.

jptrip2 566


jptrip2 563

Cool seeing Supras in Japan, but they weren’t my cup of tea.

jptrip2 565

jptrip2 564

jptrip2 562

jptrip2 561

 AE86s were spotted many times as well in this parking lot.

jptrip2 560

jptrip2 559

A Levin coupe on some Work Equips 01.

jptrip2 558

jptrip2 557

jptrip2 556


jptrip2 554

jptrip2 546

This is apparently a CRV with a GTR front end. Japan is so crazy!

jptrip2 545

jptrip2 544

jptrip2 543

jptrip2 542

jptrip2 541

 Crazy how R32s are just basic cars in Japan, where in America we go ape shit when we see one in the streets.

jptrip2 540

jptrip2 539

jptrip2 537

jptrip2 535

 I was pretty excited that I got to see the K’s BPA Benz. I love the way this car was built and was going to modify my IS250 to something like this.

jptrip2 533

 Mercedes Perfection.

jptrip2 538

jptrip2 531


jptrip2 524

jptrip2 528

jptrip2 527

jptrip2 526

jptrip2 519

jptrip2 517

jptrip2 516

jptrip2 515

jptrip2 514

 There was also an anime convention next to the show so that explained these cars…

jptrip2 512

jptrip2 511

jptrip2 510

jptrip2 509

jptrip2 508

jptrip2 507

jptrip2 506

jptrip2 504

jptrip2 502

Every single Legacy that I encountered over here in Japan was built so correct. It inspired me to want to build my brother’s legacy.

jptrip2 501

jptrip2 499


LB 350Z.

jptrip2 498


Bagged Verossa.

jptrip2 496

jptrip2 495

Thanks again for checking out our coverage of the Nagoya Exciting car show. We hope to bring more crazy car coverage from Japan in the future.



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