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The only thing we had planned for the second day of this Japan trip was a visit to 326 Power. The reason for this was because from Tokyo to Hiroshima was a 5-6 hour train ride and another 20-30 minutes by taxi to the shop. It was big mission just to get to this elusive shop. If you’re planning to go anywhere far while travelling in Japan, make sure you buy a JR Pass. You can use all of the JR train lines and take bullet trains to anywhere in the country. The ticket is about $465 for 2 weeks, but if you just take one trip down south of Japan then you’ve already made your most of your money back because a round trip ticket on a bullet train to Hiroshima from Tokyo is already $380.

jptrip 051

We woke up extremely early to catch the first train out to Hiroshima that’s why Vinh looks so grumpy.

jptrip 089

jptrip 052

After a bus ride and a taxi we finally made it to 326 Power, walking into the shop you are immediately blinded by the colorful car parts.

jptrip 093

jptrip 092

jptrip 053

Sick 326 Power headrest, I had to pick one up for my own car.

jptrip 054

Lug nuts in different sizes.

jptrip 095

jptrip 080

Sharon and Uiichi were extremely helpful with our questions about the many parts they had and the many colors that were available.

jptrip 091

jptrip 094

Godly coil overs.

jptrip 097

Brendan showing Uiichi what makes him the NA Hero.

jptrip 055

After Uiichi hustled us with some parts, he gave us a tour of the garage where the real reason why we took a 6 hour train ride to go to 326 Power was hiding.

jptrip 057

Pictures do not do any of these cars justice. Walking into the garage and seeing these crazy slammed cars, you question whether you’re in a dream or not.

jptrip 077

jptrip 075

After having an eyegasm, I finally realized this was real life. How does one stay static and have such crazy fitment without the bacon fenders?

jptrip 069

jptrip 068

Oh my the exhaust looks way intense.

jptrip 058

Only God could push a car down, so hard that it would tuck rim like that and still be able to drive.

jptrip 063

jptrip 065


These cars stay clean in this shop.

jptrip 071

That exhaust setup is so gnarly.

jptrip 073

jptrip 059

This little VW was looking pretty dope too.

jptrip 079

Check out how clean 326 Power keeps their shop looking. I didn’t see a single oil stain anywhere.

jptrip 083

Outside we spotted this slammed Jetta on Work Meisters.

jptrip 081

Seems to be the black sheep of the group of white cars, but regardless it was looking hard posted outside of the shop.

jptrip 082

Seriously, how do you move this thing without breaking everything?

jptrip 084

jptrip 088

Fitment on point.

jptrip 096

Thank you 326 Power for the hospitality, it was definitely worth the trip!


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