Formula Drift Irwindale 2014

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Formula Drift Irwindale is the most exciting car show that you’ll ever get to show your car at just because it’s the last event for the Formula Drift season. All of the FD drivers go all out and risk everything to place on the podium at the end of the night. Car crashes and slammed cars what more could you ask for?

fdirwindale 022-2

We got there early on Friday to set up some booth stuff and check out the practice session.

fdirwindale 183

fdirwindale 014-2

For some reason during practice the only photos that came out decent were photos of the STR S14. Maybe my camera sensor likes the green livery?

fdirwindale 018

Damn, Hankook tires create a ton of smoke.

fdirwindale 015

fdirwindale 059

Ryan Tuerck’s FRS.

fdirwindale 066

Matt Field’s S13.

fdirwindale 082-2

fdirwindale 079-2

fdirwindale 115

fdirwindale 128

Ark Peformance Genesis.

fdirwindale 132-2

fdirwindale 172

Daigo Saito is still my favorite drifter.

fdirwindale 178

fdirwindale 216-2

The next morning was the big day, we had early morning car show roll in and it was packed with slammed cars from all over.

fdirwindale 218

Clean S13 on Cosmis Racing Wheels.

fdirwindale 222

Floss Design Porsche, you’re going to be seeing tons of photos of this car.

fdirwindale 224

Ashton’s 911 just recently wrapped in a matte white.

fdirwindale 225

Jay’s new livery on his Miata.

fdirwindale 227

Another car that was recently wrapped is David’s Z4 in a gloss white.

fdirwindale 228

Looks pretty damn clean.

fdirwindale 229

fdirwindale 231

fdirwindale 232

This first generation Lexus GS300 is ridiculous.. Wide wheels, fitment on point and slammed to the ground = perfection.

fdirwindale 235-2

That tuck….

fdirwindale 248

fdirwindale 233

Jamie’s Impreza wagon.

fdirwindale 234

fdirwindale 236

fdirwindale 237

Casey rocking a Royal Origin Sun Set sticker.

fdirwindale 239

The internet’s FRS.

fdirwindale 243
fdirwindale 246

fdirwindale 247

fdirwindale 256

fdirwindale 259

fdirwindale 260

fdirwindale 263

fdirwindale 264

fdirwindale 268

I haven’t seen Kentaro’s Civic in a while.

fdirwindale 269

Kentaro’s girlfrind Nicole’s Genesis. When your girlfriend has a cooler car than you..

fdirwindale 274

fdirwindale 279

fdirwindale 280

fdirwindale 283

fdirwindale 286

fdirwindale 290

fdirwindale 291

fdirwindale 292

fdirwindale 297

fdirwindale 298-2

fdirwindale 299

Royal Flush SC400 Vertex Wide Body.

fdirwindale 307

Derek’s RX-8 that you always see on this site.

fdirwindale 308

fdirwindale 312-2

Matt and Thao from Street Faction rolling up in the famous S13.

fdirwindale 313

Coolest cars at the event.

fdirwindale 320

This guy has the coolest shirt ever.

fdirwindale 321

fdirwindale 323


fdirwindale 325

fdirwindale 326

Samurai Nimo working the event for three different companies.

fdirwindale 327

fdirwindale 329

fdirwindale 330

fdirwindale 332

fdirwindale 333

fdirwindale 336

fdirwindale 337

Palmer and Thao getting shade from the wing of this Lotus.

fdirwindale 338

fdirwindale 339

fdirwindale 342

Erica Law.

fdirwindale 345

Brittany Paige.

fdirwindale 354

I don’t know..

fdirwindale 351

My favorite models.

fdirwindale 352

fdirwindale 366

Umbrella girl of the year.

fdirwindale 368

Boyfriend material x Umbrella girl x Haylebaby x Asics.

fdirwindale 374

If there was a reason to go to SP Engineering booth it would be to go see Rory.

fdirwindale 377

Vu with that photo bomb.

fdirwindale 379

This reminds me of a Filipino drama ad.

fdirwindale 379-2

Much better.

fdirwindale 382

Umbrella game on lock.

fdirwindale 392

fdirwindale 399

Heard SP Engineering needed these poles lubed up.

fdirwindale 401

Finally a decent photo of Hayle without her signature face or a drink in her hand.

fdirwindale 405

Model hunters.

fdirwindale 407

Nimo making the video coverage of FD at FD.

fdirwindale 410

Sleeping or contemplating?

fdirwindale 412

The video guys of RO.

fdirwindale 417

Back on the track for some behind the scenes coverage of the pits.

fdirwindale 419-2

fdirwindale 420

Matt Field’s crew getting the car prepped for the next round.

fdirwindale 422

Ryan Tuerck just cooling down his engine.

fdirwindale 423

Favorite cars in FD.

fdirwindale 455-2

Cars getting wrecked left and right.

fdirwindale 462

That wall of smoke..

fdirwindale 464

fdirwindale 467-2

fdirwindale 474

fdirwindale 481-2

fdirwindale 502-2

Frederick Asabo being interviewed I was hoping he would win the whole series.

fdirwindale 504

The vendor cars this year were actually pretty awesome this year.

fdirwindale 507

fdirwindale 508-2

fdirwindale 513

Animal Style FC.

fdirwindale 514

fdirwindale 446

Hayle back at it with her signature face and drinking.

fdirwindale 517

Vertex kitted S13 on Weds LXZs at the Vertex USA booth.

fdirwindale 525

The sun was setting so I thought it would be a good idea to take some photos of the car show.

fdirwindale 528

fdirwindale 533

fdirwindale 536


fdirwindale 537

fdirwindale 538

fdirwindale 539

fdirwindale 543

fdirwindale 544

fdirwindale 546

fdirwindale 547

fdirwindale 548

fdirwindale 549

fdirwindale 551

fdirwindale 552

fdirwindale 553

fdirwindale 554

fdirwindale 555

fdirwindale 556

fdirwindale 558

Sean’s G35.

fdirwindale 560

fdirwindale 562

fdirwindale 564

fdirwindale 568

fdirwindale 570

fdirwindale 571

fdirwindale 573

fdirwindale 574

I need a CRX in my life.

fdirwindale 576

fdirwindale 577

fdirwindale 578

fdirwindale 579

fdirwindale 580

fdirwindale 581-2

fdirwindale 588

Boogie Santos doing what he wants since whenever he was born.

fdirwindale 590

Super Kawaii Miatas.

fdirwindale 592

fdirwindale 593

fdirwindale 597-2

fdirwindale 603

This Forester on M Technica wheels is so good.

fdirwindale 605

Another Forester on CCW LM-5T.

fdirwindale 606

fdirwindale 609

fdirwindale 612

Time for a photo whoring of all of the Royal Origin members who showed their cars..

fdirwindale 614

fdirwindale 616-2

fdirwindale 624

fdirwindale 628

Kevin just recently bagged his S2000, looks pretty gangster.

fdirwindale 634

fdirwindale 638

fdirwindale 642

fdirwindale 658

fdirwindale 654

fdirwindale 643

fdirwindale 645

fdirwindale 648

fdirwindale 650

fdirwindale 651

fdirwindale 657

fdirwindale 683

Air Runner brought out some of the cleanest VIP cars at the show. We’re going to be doing a meet together some time in November, look out for that it should be a good time.

fdirwindale 684

fdirwindale 692-2

fdirwindale 659


fdirwindale 700

So much photo shop potential…

fdirwindale 714

Hayle and Vickie on the down low lovers.

fdirwindale 713

fdirwindale 717

Shavi, Justin and Rory.

fdirwindale 718

SP Engineering GTR.

fdirwindale 720

Justin x Nimo.

fdirwindale 721

fdirwindale 733-2

Well, that wraps up our coverage of Formula Drift Irwindale. Now we have to wait 6 months until Formula Drift Long Beach… As always there are more photos in the gallery.


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