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The gang woke up extra early for this day, it was our first day of doing car related activities.  We were to be picked up by Kevan and Zee and had plans for Up Garage, Mine’s Tuning and at night it would be the Royal Origin x All That Low car meet at Daikoku, so today was going to be filled with Instagram worthy photos.

jptrip 100

We hooked up Kevan with a FTP shirt and a Hoodratstuff beanie, he put it on quicker than a 40 year old virgin putting on a condom for the first time before sex.

jptrip 101

Royal Origin meets Zen Garage and me eating a chicken wing.

jptrip 098

This super clean Datsun 280z rolled up to the Family Mart parking lot and took everyone’s breath away.

jptrip 099

What were the chances that we took a break at this Family Mart and a sick classic car would roll up and park right in front of us.

jptrip 124

First stop Up Garage! The Autozone of gangster used Japanese car parts.

jptrip 102

JDM wheels everywhere….

jptrip 107

An aisle just for used coil overs. Some of you guys on springs need to be shopping in this aisle.

jptrip 106

Suspension braces and sway bars for days.

jptrip 105

I wish I had a car that could run these Equips.

jptrip 103

We were so tempted to buy a seat and ship it home, but it was only the first 2 days and didn’t want to spend all of our money on seats.

jptrip 109

jptrip 110

Matt and Justin checking out these crazy colored racing belts.

jptrip 115

jptrip 116

This particular Up Garage is a GT Up Garage where they store specific parts this one has mostly drift parts.

jptrip 118

“A couple of Nissan SR20’s would pull a premium one week before race wars”

jptrip 119

More awesome seats.

jptrip 121

Robert and Neel checking out the variety of shift knobs.

jptrip 123

Next door was a used car dealership that sold some pretty awesome cars.

jptrip 130

It also had some modified cars that belonged to the owner.

jptrip 138

jptrip 133

Tucked away in the back were the real gems.

jptrip 134

The shop’s track AE86 and EVO.

jptrip 137

Under the sheets was a classic Hakosuka.

jptrip 135

jptrip 136

Slammed xB on Work Meisters.

jptrip 126

Across the street was the Up Garage GTR dealership, where they literally only sold GTR’s.

jptrip 127

I would rather buy an R34 than buy a newer car.

jptrip 128

Midnight purple R33 for $15.9k.

jptrip 129

Pristine R32.

jptrip 139

The crew taking a break from all of the amazing things we just witnessed.

jptrip 140

Next was Mine’s tuning! We had to take the freeway there and without having a rental and getting free toll passes, this would’ve been an expensive trip. It would’ve taken at least $80-150 just to get from where we stayed in Tokyo to Mine’s tuning.

jptrip 141

This freeway architecture doe.

jptrip 145

Going full throttle in a tunnel like this must be fun, too bad we were in a stock 2014 Corolla.

jptrip 146

Mine’s Motor Sports.

jptrip 147

Everyone trying to take in where we are right now.

jptrip 150

The President of Mine’s Tsuzo Niikura. He was extremely nice and greeted us all individually.

jptrip 151

A little look of the show room.

jptrip 152

R32 getting a heart transplant.

jptrip 155

jptrip 154

jptrip 159

Everyone going ape shit over this Mine’s GTR.

jptrip 161

So photogenic.

jptrip 162

jptrip 171

jptrip 164

jptrip 173

jptrip 175

Kevan talking to one of the mechanics about the GTR.

jptrip 179

Brendan having a chat about car stuff and probably about how to get more HP out of Brendan’s Supra.

jptrip 185

Man this building is cool.

jptrip 186

jptrip 187

Niikura san looking so holy under the light.

jptrip 192

It was now off to get some dinner. Poor Vinh had a long day…

jptrip 191

jptrip 198

A walk through down town Yokohoma.

jptrip 201

It was kind of weird that we were going to a Shakey’s because we never go to the Shakey’s in the States, but Zee told us it was good and all you can eat.

jptrip 202

Zee was right this totally shits on the Shakeys in the States.

jptrip 203

Everyone destroying this restaurant. Every time they put a new pizza out we just took the whole thing to our table.

jptrip 205

jptrip 206

This little Japanese girl trying to flirt with the crew.

jptrip 196

On the way back we spotted this G Sedan on Vossen Wheels.

jptrip 197

jptrip 193

Back in the Garage we spotted this R32 on TE-37s. White on white is so good.

jptrip 209

Our new friend Shingo decided to park his Legacy right next to the R32. Good thing he’s on bags or that parking speed bump would rip off his body kit.

jptrip 212

jptrip 213


jptrip 242

Rolling through the freeway tunnels with Shingo was fucking tight. I wish I recorded a video instead of taking photos..

jptrip 255

Next post will be about the meet.. So stay tuned!


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