A Visit to SONIC MS

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  While in San Jose, I had the chance to check out the Sonic MS shop with Henry. It’s a very clean shop with a lot of high end cars all over the parking lot. The photos will speak for itself..

BLOXEvolution 013

BLOXEvolution 015

BLOXEvolution 017

BLOXEvolution 039

BLOXEvolution 042

BLOXEvolution 019

BLOXEvolution 020

BLOXEvolution 021

BLOXEvolution 022

BLOXEvolution 030

BLOXEvolution 033

BLOXEvolution 035

BLOXEvolution 046

BLOXEvolution 050

BLOXEvolution 051

BLOXEvolution 052

BLOXEvolution 054

BLOXEvolution 056

BLOXEvolution 059

BLOXEvolution 062

BLOXEvolution 073

BLOXEvolution 081

Thanks Sonic MS for letting us check out the shop. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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