SEMA 2013

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 I’m here with another late post for you guys. With the emerging increase of stance sites, car blogs and whatever; it’s hard to compete on getting  first coverage on to the internet. So. I end up just posting coverage whenever I feel like it. SEMA was not as exciting this year for me because all the cars I wanted to see were already on the internet a week before the show. I get over something really quick if I constantly see it on my social media news feed especially if I’m just spammed with it all day. Other than that I always enjoy going to a car show, seeing friends and getting inspiration for my own car builds.

SEMA 001

Liberty Walk kitted BMW. The flat black makes it looks so sinister.

SEMA 006

Really digging this blue on this Corvette.

SEMA 012

Not a fan of pink cars, but on this RWB it looks pretty cool.

SEMA 005

The Liberty Walk kitted GTR is my favorite car at SEMA. I would cut an arm off just to own this for a minute.

SEMA 009

I can’t wait to see these cars modded and on the streets. I would get the side skirt to fit better in the rear and take off that bike rack. That shit is so 2009.

SEMA 019

Buys GTR puts XXR’s on it.

SEMA 014

New 2013 Civic SI with a wing. Not bad.

SEMA 023

The star of the show at the Nitto booth was the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458.

SEMA 024

Being able to cut up a $230,000 car, that is what dreams are made of.

SEMA 022

Not for the faint of heart.

SEMA 027

Rocket Bunny inspired spoiler? I want something like this for my SC.

SEMA 029

Next to the Ferrari was a Rocket Bunny FRS with some fat ass Nitto tires.

SEMA 030

Rocking the new version 2 of the Rocket Bunny kit.

SEMA 032

ARK Genesis. I spy a Dynamic Vinyl sticker.

SEMA 034

 Race car turned show car.

SEMA 037

 Lexus had a challenge for deviant art to design some crazy shit and I guess this design won. The front looks pretty cool, but the rears are kind of outrageous.

SEMA 038

The matte black makes this Job Design kitted IS250 look cheap.

SEMA 039

The ugliest thing at this show…

SEMA 040

Rotiform Porsche.

SEMA 046

Courtney’s 325I on Rotiform TMB’s with a GT wing.

SEMA 048

Vinh and John learning how a transmission works.

SEMA 049

It gave me an idea on what was wrong with my clutch on the SC.

SEMA 050

A packed house even on the last day.

SEMA 051

That lowrider life style.

SEMA 055

Another photo bomb by Miguel..

SEMA 058

The 1000 horse powered Odyssey. I’m already impressed that it’s stick shift and it’s on bags.

SEMA 060

I bought a quick release from NRG. I couldn’t resist the black and gold.

SEMA 061

Race car VW.

SEMA 062

That’s a crazy front lip haha.

SEMA 064

Deflates tire for max low.

SEMA 074

The Ben Sopra GTR. I’m still in love with it.

SEMA 066

That paint is so immaculate..

SEMA 067

Getting some ideas for the SC.

SEMA 068

The school bus of my nightmares.

SEMA 070

The 3D plastic printer thing. It can copy anything and turn it into a plastic molding.

SEMA 069

An example and it’s pretty detailed and strong. I’m interested in what the possibilities on what they can do with this in the future.

SEMA 072

More widebody love from Air lift.

SEMA 078

Sick satin red Gram Lights.

SEMA 081

How did they even get this thing in here?

SEMA 079

This is so freaking boss..

SEMA 094

One of the premier VIP builds at the show was from the President of Job Design’s LS460. High attention to detail can only can be found by Japanese tuning.

SEMA 098

Elvis’s LS400 on the new step lipped Work VS-XX.

SEMA 099

This lady was really digging his wheels. You know what they say about females who wear white pants..

SEMA 100

A big attention grabber when he was leaving the show, seemed like he had paparazzi following him. #sofamous

SEMA 102

Robert’s internet famous FRS.

SEMA 104

SEMA 106

Girl owned FRS? She was breaking a couple of necks on the way out.

SEMA 117

Damn that rear tuck on this FRS is pretty awesome.

SEMA 118

SEMA 129

LEDs on a lifted trucks and a loud ass horn seemed to be the trend this year.

SEMA 133

Brian from Rotiform cruising out.

SEMA 136

SEMA 152

You know nothing about this rear tuck.

SEMA 153

SEMA 156

SEMA 162

SEMA 166

The only person who was scraping exiting the show.

SEMA 170

I wonder if you’ll still be there next year.

SEMA 177

That moment when you realize you’re staring at a million dollars.

SEMA 174

Big body Lexuses are my favorite..

SEMA 175

That’s it for my coverage of SEMA. Maybe next year I’ll go for the whole week instead of just Friday and get more detailed coverage, but it’ll probably take me another year to post it.



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