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Cruised around with the usual suspects today. Got some wheels tucked and ready to fuck. Let’s see who’s getting it in today…


Some Rotiform NUE’s ready to be mounted.


Brandon’s awesome Black Scale hand ring.

UAC 001

Christforeman rolling up with his ceiling intact.

UAC 005

Can’t say the same for his front bumper.

UAC 018

Rear wheels are usually tucked, but he was on an uneven slant.

UAC 002

Brandon’s EVO. MBN.

UAC 009

714 Tires has progressed quickly since it opened. I remember coming here when the business first started…nothing on the walls, just a couple of tire machines and some jacks. Now this place has so much room for activities and my good friends Vinh and John might be working here soon.

UAC 014

Abbitt’s face…I don’t know what to say, this guy wants me in him.

UAC 015

Told me to stop checking out his air setup and get in the car so we could do stuff.

UAC 016

He showed me his buttons and aired down for me.

UAC 020

Oh lawd, that fitment.

UAC 021

Fresh out of a container from Japan.

UAC 025

Abbitt already killin’ the game with a car that no one mods.

UAC 027

Went back to Unlimited Auto Craft to meet up with June and Kentaro. Not sure how June managed to get up that narrow driveway.

UAC 033

CAUTION wide wheels.


Polished is always nice on a white car.

UAC 030

Veddy nice, Kentaro.

UAC 039

Looks so damn good.

UAC 032

Introducing the newest employee at Unlimited Auto Craft, Vinh Luong. Hit him up for all your aftermarket car parts.

UAC 057

They also sell clothes!

UAC 063

Tucker is huckering for some tuckering.

UAC 060

Wish it went down a little lower, but I’m sure Tucker will make that happen soon.

-Errand Ass


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