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Some old friends of mine wanted to do a photo shoot for their clothing line, Sequence. They’re an upcoming brand with a bunch of hustlers in their crew and are also some of the coolest peeps you could ever get to know. They decided they wanted to do a shoot with Heather and since Heather and I have shot together before, it made it real easy for us to do some cool Tumblr 1,000+ reblog photos. We all met up and caravanned to Sunset Ink where the shoot took place.sequence 102-2

 If you didn’t know, Heather drives a slammed GS300 on VIP Modulars. Daily driven and girl-built.

sequence 111-2

 So damn low.

sequence 114-2

 Rolling tucked like a G.

sequence 121-2

 Robbie following us in his motorcycle. It was a nice day to be riding.

sequence 163

 Heather felt like living on the edge and did some risky behavior.

sequence 175

 Fuck it, thug wife.

sequence 182

 Not even scared that she is two stories up and hanging on a sketchyass balcony…

sequence 188

Did two edits of this photo, not sure which one I like better…Soft and romantic or…

sequence 186

Dark and edgy?

sequence 194

Kevin staying warm in the Sequence pullover hoodie while Heather and I were freezing our asses off.

sequence 244

Str8 flexin’.

sequence 256

Death is okay.

sequence 265

Shout out to Sunset Ink for letting us shoot in their shop!

sequence 269


sequence 293

Shots fired.

sequence 308

Candid of Heather prepping her hoodie to stay in one place.

sequence 321

The Resurrection of a Thug.

sequence 386

 Modeling in her own trunk.

sequence 398

Sick Sequence hoodie.

sequence 394

Rolling VIP deep.

sequence 403

Damn I’m not low enough for Heather.sequence 408

Had lots of fun shooting and trying to do Tumblr photos . Maybe next time when I’m better prepared and not freezing my ass off, I will think of cooler photos to do. Thanks Sequence, Sunset Ink, and Heather for this opportunity to shoot. Check them out here.


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Instagram : SequenceUS

Sunset Ink

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Heather Truong

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