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  The new kick it spot has been at Brandon’s new shop, Unlimited Auto Craft in Huntington Beach. We’ve been doing late night work, installing air, fixing suspension, eating Banh Mi, and getting drunk a lot here. Here are some of the latest projects we’ve been doing inside of Brandon’s shop.

lbjp 018

 First night kicking it here, we were working on Derek’s air suspension.

lbjp 015

Abbitt doing work on the Booshma. Maxing out that camber!

lbjp 012

All the way up.

lbjp 046

All the way down.

lbjp 051

The Booshma laid out.

lbjp 029

Aired all the way up, still lower than most rides.

lbjp 045

Abbitt getting an orgasm off of the Booshma.

lbjp 001

Brandon’s drift Subie.

lbjp 022

Chris showing off his cooking skills to Derek.

lbjp 056

Booshma in the static days. Pretty much looks the same as he does now, just a lil bit lower. Still riding slammed.





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