Getting Shit Done, Making Girls Come.

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We were putting in some work the other night at the Boss Company garage. Late nights spent working on cars and talking shit is what I live for. Four years ago, I was here installing coilovers for the first time on my IS300, and here I am four years later still doing the same shit with the same people. Only now, we know what we’re actually doing (kind of) and not just throwing shit on our cars hoping it will fit.

WFC 099

Spare parts and messy tools seems to be a common theme at every garage I go to.

WFC 084

TE-37’s and Work Equips.

WFC 087

 Subframe risers and lots of other goodies for Big Vinh’s 240SX.

WFC 092

Varrstoen’s for spares? My bad…

WFC 091


WFC 094

 “Yeah, I know where everything is.”

WFC 097

 “Just kidding, it’s a mess…”

WFC 074

Sneak peak of the new new.

WFC 068

Got my side skirts fitting where I want them to be. So fucking happy.

WFC 078

Ice cold baby, ice cold.







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