Long Awaited Sticker Release

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 After a very long wait, Royal Origin is back with two new sticker releases. We are proud to present “The Crown Part II” and “The OG HOODRATstuff.” Both of these stickers will be available in our online store along with our other stickers.

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The first of the two stickers is “The OG HOODRATstuff.” We hold this sticker design in particular near and dear to our hearts because this is the sticker that started it all for Royal Origin. This originally started off as just for members, but we soon moved over to our current design for members. In honor of our 2-year anniversary, we have decided to release “The OG HOODRATstuff” design to all of our fans. We want to keep this simple and authentic, so this will only be available in white, 11 inches by 3 inches.


The second of the two stickers is “The Crown Part II.” This design was made when we had a few or our close friends represent Royal Origin at Autocon 2011. Because of popular demand, we are going to release this as well.
This will be available in 11 inches by 1.5 inches, and in all 9 colors that we carry.









I hope you guys enjoy! Stay tuned, we are working on releasing more stickers and products in the near future.

-David Vu

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