90’s Forever Slide Sesh 3 | Event Coverage

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Another year has gone by and I still haven’t kept my promise of being a consistent blogger. Welp, I’m here to drop some 90s Forever coverage for ya’ll before the year ends. For some reason, I didn’t like any of the photos I took during the event. I think it has to do with my lens and the adapter on it because it was super slow to focus. Definitely upgrading to a telephoto next year..

Met up with Shavi to carpool and surprisingly saw his mythical MS3 outside. Seeing this car reminds me why I still hang out with Shavi.

On the way to Apple Valley Speedway, there was so much snow that it didn’t even feel like we were in California anymore.

Right off the bat, we saw Rodney’s Cressida flying down the straight away.

Accompanied by Ken Gushi in his 1JZ BN Sports IS300.

Otis was right behind them in his sick S15.

Ken throws the peace sign, but you know he’s going to be killing it on the track today.

It was dope to see a SC drifting! Big inspiration right here.

Calvin’s Duct Tape Sports IS300.

IS300 owner peace sign #2.

This car looked like it was falling apart like my life.

Low stance drifting is the best.

Rodney’s bumper actually survived the event.

Sara Choi’s wide body IS300, so cool she made two cars collide.

These are the two cars.

Sara with the peace out sign #3.

Felt more like a IS300 meet than a drift event.

IS300 owner peace sign #4.

90s forever was also serving up burgers and hot dogs.

Altezza train.


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