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10 years and we’re still up to the same old thing. Late nights, working on our cars until the police show up because of noise complaints. I needed to cut some holes on my GX470 for a snorkel and I knew the perfect guy for the job. Mr. Abbitt Grinder Wilkerson. He’s been on a cutting binge, making holes in his roof, cutting Nimo’s Civic fenders and springs.

Angelo came through to try and help, but all he did was lose some bolts.

Abbitt super happy that it’s done and now he can kick us out of his house.

The following weekend we headed off to Monache meadows and like always it’s a night run into the mountains.

We met up with Jason and his sick Tundra.

In the morning we were greeted with beautiful trees and sunshine. It made for some fantastic photos.

Derrick’s Montero now not overheating anymore. Check out that hood vent!

Our biggest hurdle of this trip was making sure Math’s RAV 4 would make it up the mountain. It made it up with no problems!

We met up with the Vegas crew who had already setup a base camp. Here we have Josh’s 4Runner.

Aaron and Meilani’s boogie camping rig GX460.

Attapon’s Tacoma on Stealth Custom Wheels.

The Dust Runner with a sick trailer setup.

The boys playing some Spike Ball.

Angelo’s 4Runner also on Stealth Custom Wheels.

Kiki and Moscow enjoying the outdoors.

Jason’s Tundra with a sick trailer setup in his truck bed.

Vince’s 4runner amazing what 4runners can do even at stock height.

The best part of camping is playing with your weiners over a campfire.

Last minute arrival, Stuart and his super sick 4runner.

My GX470 needs some wheels..

Derrick cooking up a storm.

Love our kitchen setup.

Angelo always coming through with the bomb steak!

The worst part of camping, packing up and leaving.. Good thing it’s super quick with a GOFSR tent.

On the way down, we had some fun in the river.

Chivas is the big inspiration, hopefully my GX will look this hard.

GX460s are so dope, I kinda wish I got this model.

Stormy destroying that branch.


So, when’s the next adventure?


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