Airstrip Takeover | Photo Dump

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We were invited to attend an Influencer’s Artist meet at Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum. It was pretty cool because we were able to setup so many sick photos on the air strip, check them out below!

Andy’s GS on Weds Vishnus.

Johnny’s 370z on Carbyne Design Sprints.

Math modeling in our “time is the only enemy” tee!

If Sang’s Porsche was a helicopter.

This goes so hard.

Si-mon’s MR-S on Volk Te-37S.

The owner of the museum flew the helicopter over out photo shoot for the perfect photo.

I wish the sun wasn’t so harsh for this photo, but we can’t have everything perfect. Literally every style of modifying a car in this photo.

I modified this for me, it’s too hard for you too handle.


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