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The Santa Ana winds have been terrible lately and it ended up affecting my blogging abilities and destroying the somewhat clean look of my SC400. My SC was in a pretty secure tent, but the Santa Ana winds pushed my tent against my car and rubbed out some parts of the wrap. Luckily, it’s a wrap because if it was paint, the cost to fix this would require me to take out my knee pads and work some night shifts. The homie Rodney aka Bruno Mars aka I wrap, but I’m not a rapper recently opened up a shop for wraps and tint. He offered to fix my SC door because he had some left over wrap and I gladly dusted off my knee pads in exchange.

When I got to the shop, Rodney was working on making this truck invisible.

You can see the damage on the top of my door, I started telling people I got it from drifting. I’m hardcore yo.

Rodney cut the wrap under my body line to seam it and so we would have enough wrap to cover the door.

On the other side of the room, Rodney’s partner Dan was installing a clear bra for this Lambo.

Master at work.

Just like that, my door was looking brand new! Disregard the mirror..

Thanks Evolve Film Concepts!

Find them here!


Rodney also just finished wrapping his Cressida, so I had to get in a quick photo shoot with the new two tone wrap.

Being old never looked so good.

Rodney on his new set of Kansei Tandem wheels.

I also had Rodney model in our new shirt that’s coming out soon..

Time is the only enemy. Available in black, white and yellow.

Coming soon..



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