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Some days aren’t like the rest. Shavi, Keith, Jeff and Nimo came over to my house to get wrecked on Smash Bros Ultimate and for some reason we had an itch to go photo shoot a car. Since all of my cars looked like hot garbage and Shavi for some reason didn’t want a photo shoot, we decided to shoot Nimo’s BMW wagon.

 Shavi didn’t want a photo shoot of his MS3, but I had to get some snaps of it outside in the real world.

Nimo giving the wagon a quick rinse.

I tried to get some good rollers, but the lighting was working against us.


There was a festival going on at the park, so we decided to just shoot in this parking lot.

Mr. Late as Always

Koenig Monsters are so sick.

The bokeh in this shot is so creamy. I love it! This was shot with my 135mm 1.8 Sony lens.

Almost a decade of friendship.

Moscow was mad I didn’t take her to the park too.


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