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90’s Forever Slide Sesh | Event Coverage

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Last weekend, Rodney hosted a drift event for his brand 90’s Forever at Apple Valley Speedway and it was a blast! A ton of friends came out to the event, so there were many familiar faces and a lot of sweet 90’s cars.

A nicely done FB RX-7, you don’t see these things too often.

The drift line up.

BN Sports IS300.

The cleanest car at the event was this AE86.

My first time trying to shoot on this track, it was kinda limited on where you can be so the photos might not be that great.

We had some interesting cars sliding at this event like this BMW wagon.

Chris Foreman was killin it with his 350z on snow tires.

I loved these shots with the mini Mt. Fuji in the background.

When Rodney met Calvin.

It wouldn’t be a good event if someone didn’t crash into the tires.

The track halted so I was able to get some still photos of Rodney’s Cressida. Too bad he had the bumper off.

The staff got to work right away.

Virgil, the best flagger.

The more advance drivers doing some mult-car tandems led by the champagne campaign.

Rodney finally got his style on and put his bumper back on.

I didn’t get much photos because I was trying to vLog, so check out that video coming soon!



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