The Chronicles 10 Year Anniversary | Event Coverage

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We’re back here already for our annual coverage of The Chronicle’s Year 10 anniversary! I feel like you could just scroll a couple of pages back on our site and you will have the Year 9 anniversary. Even though we’re not as active anymore, I wanted to make an effort to swing by the meet. So, I met up with Brandon, Rodney and Ashton and we cruised together to the meet.

My SC400 and Rodney’s Cressida with a new Mark II front end.

So many beautiful Hondas as always here at The Chronicle’s meet.

The owner of this S2000 came down all the way from Canada for this meet.

This bagged R8 on 305 Forged wheels really caught our eye at the meet with its intricate wrap. This R8 also made the journey from Canada!

I’m sure this Civic has a ton of mods, but the way it is put together looks effortlessly simple and clean. Great job by Battle Craft.

This Civic EG was so sick! Pandem Kit paired with a J’s Racing hood and rolling on TE-37 SLs, What a combo!

I love Poacari Sweat.

I literally followed this CRX to check it out. My love for CRXs runs deep.

Tracked ready S2000 on Advan wheels.

On the other spectrum a bagged S2000 looking sleek.

Spoon S2000 from Spoon USA.

We found another member for the Red or Dead crew.

Becky not knowing why she’s at a car show.

We couldn’t stay long at the meet, so most of us cruised home together. Rodney and his beaten up Cressida.

When you’re friend is in another tax bracket and you can’t follow him on the Fast Track…

Congratulations Joey on Year 10! See you in 4 pages for Year 11!

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