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For the first time ever, Stance Nation had a show in Orange County! You already know we had to come out and support Elvis on this one. We decided to have a booth at the show, our first one this year and it was kind of weird setting up because it’s been so long since we’ve been at a show. 

John helping his cousin Phil but a Royal Origin sticker on his clean S2000.

Lots of nice cars came out like this Liberty Walk Ferrari 458.

Some elite looking FRS’s.

This Ferrari is in another class of it’s own or it’s because I’m really biased to red cars.

That camber and wheel fitment is so good on this FRS.

Amazing midnight purple R32 on BBS LMs.

Meaty Flush.

Japanese influence on this E46.

Ardy’s Lexus IS with a Clinch widebody kit.

David’s Audi A4 All Road bagged on RVL wheels.

Andy’s GS350 on Rotory Forged Wheels.

Phil’s Mugen S2000.

You already know about John’s awesome Corvette! John has it looking clean for once.

Mikey trying to sell the Porsche. For a low price of 85k you can get the Porsche in the Ty Dolla Sign music video.

We told Sang he needed a GT wing to park with us and he fulfilled our wishes. Thanks Sang!

PURE VIP with the heat. They had almost every model of car with a VIP inspired build.

Love this S2000 from Evasive Motorsports. Nice and clean with the all time greatest wheel the Volk TE-37.

My favorite LS at the show from PURE VIP with the great metal wide body work and wheel fitment.

Our good friend Taylor’s LS400 on Rotiform ROC.

The want for an NSX is so real right now.

When will wide body be too wide? Look how crazy wide the fender on this Civic  is!

A family of foxes could live in this wheel.

The crowd waiting for awards anouncement.

Congrats to all the homies who won awards!

Shout out to Elvis for helping us with our booth and getting us cars in and thanks to Sang and Phil for showing with us! Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for visiting!


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